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I create winning strategies for women to confidently walk in their purpose and drastically transform their lives and businesses.

I'm Shaunté.

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Lack of purpose has stopped you from building the life you desire. It’s time for you to get laser focused on your purpose and develop the skills to become confident in your calling. It’s time for you to win!
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Shaunté Saphire

Certified life coach. 

Go-to business strategist for Christian women. 

Overall lover of living purposefully and abundantly

I have a gift for helping women ditch their limiting beliefs, transform their mindset, pursue their purpose and walk boldly in their calling.


For years I’ve been able to identify mindset blocks in women that have caused them to shrink in their lives or play small in their businesses.


A winning strategy involves a clear vision, self-confidence and a proven plan.

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i know that you are struggling and

I am here to help!

My mission is to impact the lives of women by helping them to confidently walk in their purpose and drastically transform their lives and businesses. 


I coach remarkable women of faith just like you and have helped over 85,000 women in over 72 countries around the world through my coaching, online courses, podcast, ebooks, newsletters, speaking engagements and other events. I am passionate about using my skills to impact the lives of all who I come into contact with - many call me a ‘Destiny Helper’.

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learn How I made $10k in my second month in business
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It’s time to stop leaving money on the table. Your time, energy and talent should match your income. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will be years before you start generating the 6 figure income you desire. Learn How I Made $10k in my second month of business and how you can too!
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biz coaching

"your business was created for mORE" let’s map out a plan to make it happen.

Tired of missing your income goals month after month? It’s time for you to stop feeling overworked and underpaid. My signature business coaching program will help you go from side-hustle change to full time income in just 8 weeks.

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Before my strategy sessions I was struggling to develop clear business goals. My ideas lacked direction. During our sessions Shaunté was able to offer me a different kind of support. With every idea I had, we created a strategy in order to to reach my sales goals. She challenged me to set BIGGER goals and sure enough within 72 hours of our session I tripled my sales!

- Mikhaila Faries

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life coaching

Start living the life you deserve...  

in just 6 weeks.

I can hear you saying, “there has to be more to life than this”. You're doing the same unfulfilling tasks every day. You’re at wits end. You know that God created you for more, but you’ve been stuck in the same place for years. Let me teach you how to get unstuck and live the life of “more” that you’ve always desired.

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Before working with Shaunté I felt like I lost my identity after the death of my husband. I had no idea of who I was or where I belong. I was stuck in a cycle of constantly doing the same thing but feeling that so much was missing.

Shaunté inspired me and pushed me to a new dimension. She helped me to wake up and see the potential to move on. I have finally released my fears and mental blocks. I feel refreshed and enlightened. I am more confident and focused. I have vision and a plan and I can finally move forward building the life of my dreams."

- Evelyn Minors

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